Your advantages by cooperation

As accountants we know the difference between legitimate and illegitimate accounting.

One of the best advices that we can give our customers, is that they should have full control over their accountancy.
This will make the accountant bill cheaper and gives the accountants the oppotunity to focus on the company's finiancial circumstances,
instead of making the accountants creating an overview of the company's economics first.

Order in your accountants will give you savings on the accountantbill later on.

In addition to this do we claim that vi are up to 30% cheaper than the big accountants companies.

Up to 50% in savings!

In the sister company HallerupNet ApS do we have a dream about being 100% digital!

If you have excessive administrative expenses, this will effect your competitiveness. Opposite, if you have balanced expenses, this will strengthen your competitiveness. This might not be something you think about on a daily basis, but your expenses to your accountancy will reduce your competitiveness.

By outsourcing your accountancy to e-Regnskab you can reduce up to 50% of your expenses today. This is an effectitve argument.

Advantages of the product:

  • Better insight and overview
  • Greater efficiency
  • Savings
  • Improvement of your competitiveness
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Personal advantages

We will performe quality control of our work for you.

You will get a personal contact with your accountant.

You will get an accountant that you safely can rely on, with many years of experience.

Financially advantages

You will get control over your company's Du får styr på dit firmas økonomi financial circumstances.

Wou will get a better overview and by that profit.

You have the oppertunity to save money by using our state authorized public accountant company in center of Copenhagen.