• Jan Hallerup

    Jan Hallerup

    State authorized public accountant
  • Hallerup & Co.

    Overgaden Oven Vandet 48 E

    1415 København K

    Phonenumber: +45 32 96 29 00

    CVR: 16 50 93 88


    We wish you the best start.

    You are always welcome to contact one of our employees. You can contact us either by calling or write an e-mail to the accountant, that you wish to talk to.


    In HallerupNet we have a plan. We want to revolutionize the accounting in companies by making all vouchers electronic.

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Our employees are our most important asset. Which is why we regularly educate our employees, in a way that we can meet the requirements that the surrounding world demands.

The regularly education includes among other things intern courses in selected areas - including education in the use of the latest IT-teknology.

The employees also participate in regularly courses through among other the union of state authorized public accountants -"Foreningen af Statsautoriserede Revisorer".

Despite the fact that we are a young team, many of our employees have been with us for many years.

Our staff politics can best be characterized by freedom with responsibility. We are confident that it is important for the employees desire to go to work, that they decide their own working hours etc.

We pay all of our employees' expenses to education. When an young employee gets hired in Hallerup & Co., is it a demand that the employee study next to their job.

All of our employee have their own workplace at home, in a way that people can work when they want to. This gives our employees the opportunity to plan their own time, in a way that there is room for familiy time and other things as well.

We are convinced that it pays off to invest in the newest teknology and to educate our employees in the newest computer programs.

The reason for this is that our employees needs challenges and variation within these teknology aspects. Another reason is, that the teknology makes us capable of doing our jobs as effectively as possible.