Our claim is that we are one of the cheapest state authorized public accountant companies in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.

Our goal is not to be the cheapest accountancy company, but to make our customers feel that they are receiving value for our fee.

We prefer that our customers know the prices of our services in advance.

A state authorized public accountant costs 1.400 DK per hour. A leading employee typically costs 1000 DK per hour.

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We are a minor state authorized public accountant company, which offer the services, which minor, medium sized and public companies need.

We are serving a great selection of minor and medium sized companies within service, crafts, trading, investment and financial companies.

We have decided to deselect listed companies and the companies who has the interest of the public.

We wish only to serve companies, who operates a real and legal company. By this we mean companies, who doen't systematically intends to exploits the tax system or other systems. We have also decided to exclude certain types of industries.

Our customers demand that we are their sounding boards in many questions. Company owners often do not have others to talk with about their problems, thoughts and considerations about the company.

We perform accounting and revision for companies throughout Denmark, but primary in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.

Our services includes:

  • Accounting and annual accounts
  • VAT accounts and VAT declaration
  • Revision and other revisionop og andre revisor-tasks
  • Review
  • Accounting
  • Counselling etc.


Quality is a keyword in our daily work.

We perform qualitycontrol of our work through a quality management system, to make sure that our product is correct and in compliance with norms that our surroundings expects of us.

Our qualitycontrol is approved by the danish union of state authorized public accountants - "Foreningen af Statsautoriserede Revisorer".

We strike towards our customers getting in contact with the same employee throughout the collaboration, in a way that the customer gets a personal contact to us.

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We occasionally puplish Revisorposten

We do not send anything to our customer, but everything can be read on this page in PDF format.


Here is an overview over Revisorposten.

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If anything you read rises any questions, please contact us.