About Hallerup & Co.

Hallerup & Co. was established in 1997 of

state authorized public accountant Jan Hallerup.

Jan Hallerup still owns the company 100%

Facts about Hallerup & Co.
  • Established in 1997
  • Offices at Christianshavn
  • 9 engaged employees

Our history

The roots of the company actually goes back to the start of 1920.

As a result of this we give our customer the opportunity to cooperate with state authorized public accountants with many years of experience, that you can safely rely on.

Our long history has given our employees a great deal of experience and perspective, which makes them ready to improve your company's financial situation.

Our history

We have come a long way

Given our long history, we are proud to serve customers, which the company have had in more than 50 years.

Our customers are the people we live by and this aspect should our customers be able to feel in contact with the company's employees.

We have lots of plans for the future

In the sister company HallerupNet have we plans for the future. We dream about a future, which is 100% digital! We are always working on making e-Regnskab more attractive for more potential customers.

Our team of development are making improvements on a daily basis, for the benefits of all of our customers.

Our customers

We do not indulge our customers if they do something on the edge of the law or in other ways are acting inappropriate. Our customer wants straight answers and we want to provide this.

We are convinced that when our customer stays with us in many years it is due to us, not only providing advice but also the help we give them.

The competitiveness is about efficiency and price.

With e-Regnskab at HallerupNet can our søskendeselskab offer an efficient solution that no one can compete with.

As follows we can offer an acute price, in a way that our customers get the opportunity to raise their competitive and not losing an order caused by the price.